Hi, I’m Paige.
It’s nice to meet you.

Photography is not my main gig, but it’s easily my greatest lifelong passion.

As a young child, I was always
itching to get my hands on
my grandparents’ Polaroid.
From the moment my parents presented me with my own
101 Dalmatians film camera
at the age of six, this love of photography was cemented.

• • •

These are the good ol’ days,
you are the magic,
and these are the moments
worth remembering.
Let’s capture them.

Drop me a line!

I'm a firm advocate for human rights.
Black lives matter. Love is love.
Science is real. Women's rights are human rights.
No human being is illegal. Diversity makes us better.

Certain things are non-negotiable.
Not on the same page?
Then, I'm not your Paige.